Rebecca&Jithu 11.18.23–∞


Rebecca and Jithu first met in 2016 in New Jersey. They worked at different offices that were across the street from each other and likely both “swiped right” during the work day.

While they immediately clicked due to shared interests of food, music, travel, and a willingness to explore, things didn’t work out; Rebecca returned to Boston to finish her undergrad, and Jithu began a streak of work travel.

Rebecca returned to central NJ for full-time work after graduating, and she stayed in touch with Jithu as he traveled.  When he returned to NJ from Tokyo in the middle of 2018, the two reconnected and got dinner. Oblivious, Jithu thought this wasn’t a date but instead a friendly dinner, until Rebecca made her intentions clear. 

When Rebecca changed offices in early 2019, she suggested moving to Philadelphia together. Jithu was skeptical of Philly, thinking that it was a place for cheesesteaks and rowdy sports fans. For Jithu’s birthday, Rebecca bought tickets to see James Blake live in Philly*. After spending a fun weekend in Fishtown, Jithu realized that the city had a lot to offer and agreed to move.

The rest is history!

*James Blake happened to be Jithu’s soundtrack in Tokyo; this birthday weekend also required Jithu to fly back from a business trip in Spain for 48 hours in the US.