Rebecca&Jithu 11.18.23–∞

An engaging trip to Paris...

Last year, Rebecca and Jithu took a tour at the Louvre. Like something out of the Da Vinci Code or Mission Impossible, they ran through security, into the museum, up an elevator, and across the halls of the museum. They were the first to see the Mona Lisa that morning.

Afterward, they took a stroll to Pont Neuf. From the bridge, they saw a park – the Square du Vert-Galant.

They walked down and to the end, and Jithu offered to take photos of Rebecca in her (cute and cool) museum-going outfit.

At that point, Jithu got on one knee and proposed to Rebecca – under the willow tree.

She said yes, and they spent the rest of the trip eating, drinking, seeing the sights, and enjoying each other's company.