Rebecca&Jithu 11.18.23–∞

Preemptive answers

Can you explain the dress code?

You’re having a 20 person microwedding in the afternoon – why black tie optional?

Because why not!

For women:

Midi-to-floor length dresses and gowns. In terms of colors, think “autumn.”

For men:

If you own a black tie ensemble (i.e., a tuxedo) or want an excuse to get one, wear it! If you don’t, wear a dark suit.

If you want to read more, check out the Black Tie Guide’s primer.


We’d like everyone to be present and request that you please keep your phones on silent mode safely stowed away, particularly during the ceremony and during photos with the photographer (📵).

Otherwise, you’re more than welcome to take photos/video at Vaux, at dinner, and any time in between!


We don’t have a registry, and gifts are absolutely not expected.

We recognize that everyone will be traveling in to spend this day with us; your time and presence are the best gifts you could give us!

Where are you going for your honeymoon?

By the time of the wedding, we will have (hopefully) already gone on our honeymoon 🙂🇯🇵 . A “pre-moon”, if you will.

There’s a ceremony and dinner, but what about dancing?

Dancing is strictly forbidden.